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Ssaa Anonymous Study Backfires


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Taken from SSAA email newsletter 4-5-16

 Greens Nameless Anti-gun ‘Study’ a Big Flop


The SSAA-LA was shocked when a successful Freedom of Information bid, by the NSW Greens  gave the party access to highly sensitive information regarding how many firearms licences are held in each NSW postcode.




The result of this FoI led to the creation of the irresponsible Too Many Guns website, where users can find out exactly how many registered firearms exist in their NSW suburb, along with a nameless academic ‘study’ falsely linking violent crime with the number of registered firearms in the area.


SSAA NSW, with the support of the SSAA-LA, rightly issued a statement criticising  the NSW Greens and notorious anti-gun politician David Shoebridge MLC for the low act.




In the lead-up to the Federal Election, the SSAA-LA has reached out to the federal division of the Greens party requesting its views on our sport and industry for our election coverage. We are still waiting for any form of response.  

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