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Back From A Hiatus


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Hey all,

First of all great to be part of such an awesome forum with such great members and info. I've just moved to Eagleby, QLD and being a bit closer to our coastal waters I've decided to get back into my ultra light lure fishing.

Looking forward to getting to know a few of you both by name and face and hopefully getting out there for a fish. I work full time but early morning sessions are an option and I get Thursday's and Friday's off so it's a free for all those days.

Dont have a boat or yak (the x sold it on me, blasphemy) so I'm on the shoreline once again but can't complain, I'll be fishing soon.


Brad C

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Welcome mate. Shame about the ex, but onwards and upwards I say!! Not sure your money situation is but if you can afford it at the moment, keep an eye on Gumtree for a second hand kayak package - some real bargains pop up. Only catch is the better the bargain, the quicker you have to be (I was checking daily when I was looking - now I just need to use it ...).

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