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Hinze Western Arm 29/5/16


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We launched at a more civilized time in daylight and went to the twin tree at ians island with nostly barred grunter predoninant so over to the opposite bank for a few more bass and more grunter.

I decided that we did not have enough shrimp to continue so we did the traps and headed off to the white ant tree where we stayed until we ran out of bait. Cameron was the overall champ with 2 tandans to my nil:) plus the longest (51cm) and smallest (20cm) bass.

Total score on the counter was 38 bass but i reckon that I missed quite a few as Cameron was ripping them in whilst i was trying to extract fish from snags,

We ran out of bait at 10..30 so quite a nice session.

Sorry about crook photography.




DSCN0058 (640x480).jpg

DSCN0059 (640x480).jpg


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