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Hawkesbury Tragedy - A Wake Up Call For Other Boaties


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A four year old boy lost his life after his grandfather's ute slipped into the water when unloading a boat.  http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/family-day-out-on-the-river-ends-in-unthinkable-tragedy/news-story/3421c2dcc49026d48fcc90b4d2c9f1ce

This tragedy should hopefully be a wake up call for boaties to review how safe they are with their own children at the ramp and when out on the water.  Im hoping parents in this online community can share safety tips with others can put into practise.

I usually take one of my kids fishing.  they arent old enough to stand safely near the ramp or the water, therefore I have to keep them in the car.  I always undo their seatbelts and put there windows all the way down.  Hopefully this will give me a chance to get them out if something does happen.  I leave the ute in gear, engine off and handbrake on. 

If my wife is with me then obviously she is supervising the kids away from the ramp.   

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