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Bream At Point Halloran

Daryl McPhee

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With some bad weather on the way, I had to get out for a fish before it hit, and make sure I had enough protein for a little while.

I went to Point Halloran. My first spot proved unfishable because of weed, so after a very short stint there a move was definitely in order. Almost from the first cast at the second spot, the bites started. The highlight of the night was a cracker of a bream at 39cm. Overall, I caught enough legal fish for a bag limit, but only kept half of that. Apart from the one good fish, the rest of the legal fish were mostly in the 25 to 27 cm class with a couple nudging 30cm, and a tarwhine was mixed in with them. 

Bait didn’t really matter. I caught fish on tailor fillets, yabbies, prawns and chicken breast. The best fish was caught on yabbies, which aren’t necessarily my go to bait for larger fish, but they did the trick in this instance.    

It was a good session overall and looking forward to a consistently better size of fish as winter progresses. 



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