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Dam Closures Check Seq Water Website


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From SEQ Water Recreation website.

Several sites closed primary recreation including swimming and water-skiing

As a result of last night’s storm, the following catchments have received rainfall in excess of their respective inflow triggers and are now closed to primary recreation including swimming and water-skiing until further notice:

  • Lake Borumba
  • Lake Baroon
  • Ewen Maddock
  • Lake Kurwongbah
  • Enoggera Reservoir
  • Lake Maroon

Please play it safe and observe the direction of signage and staff on site.

We will continue to monitor inflows and water quality at each site, and will re-open the lakes as soon as possible.

If you are considering going to any dam in SEQ it would be prudent to check the website as quite a few dams are spilling. Mcdonald is at 106% and there is a comp there this weekend that I have entered. Hinze is now spilling and I am heading there today bt it will be ok as it is only 101%.

Will be quite a few bass escaping downstream of the spilling dams as it is spawning season.



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