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Toorbul Fishing Club


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I have seen a few question on here lately about local fishing clubs/comps.  For anyone northside, the Toorbul Fishing Club is awesome.  I have been a member for the past two years, although not at actively as i would like due to family commitments.  Very family orientated with a monthly comp on the third sunday of each month.  Adults are $15 per year and juniors/nippers are free.  A & B Grades for seniors and prizes at each comp with a Trophy Night at the end of the year.

First comp of the year is this Sunday 15th January.  Fishing from 6am-12:30pm and weigh in at the Toorbul Community Hall at 1pm.  Boundaries are from Coochin Ck to Bongaree Jetty.  

No need to sign up before the first comp.  Fish the morning comp and sign up at the hall at 1pm.

More info at www.facebook.com/Toorbul-Fishing-Club-Inc-290853871277564/ 

happy to answer any questions.  New member are extremely welcome and I hope to see you there this Sunday

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Saw their sign at the Ningi boat ramp over christmas, was idly wondering about them, but as I fish the salt so rarely these days I have given away the salt clubs I was in, (I'm not a social beastie these days! ) maybe when I retire - in a gazillion years thanks to Rudd and Costello.

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Fished the Toorbul Fishing Club's first monthly comp of the year today.  Ended up with 6 whiting and 1 bream all in the lows 30s.  Won $30 for just weighing in a fish.  Some great fish were caught and ill post them up when i get access to the photos.  

The club is always looking for new members and they have some great ideas and an enthusiastic committee.  

Next comp will be the last weekend in February.

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Results and some photos from the January Comp.

A grade: Jason Soady with 21 fish weighing in at 6.095kg
B grade: Jhiel Pepene with 1 Huge fish at 9.520kg
$30 Fish: Ryan Milby with a 575g Whiting
3 Species: Jason Soady with Grunter,Whitng,Bream at 1.250kg
F.O.D: (other) Jhiel Pepene with his 9.520kg Queen Fish
Members: John Cullen
Mystery: Luke Doyle
Kids Members: Taj Cianter

toorbul jan comp 1.jpg

A nice 9kg Queenfish caught in the lower end of the passagetoorbul jan comp 2.jpgtoorbul jan comp 6.jpgtoorbul jan comp 4.jpg

toorbul jan comp 5.jpgtoorbul jan comp 3.jpg

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Fished the monthly comp last weekend.   On the water at 6:15am with the kids and there was a constant bite until 9:30am when we ran out of live yabbies.  Onto the servo bait and after no bites for 30mins we called it quits as a few large black clouds drifted over.  We managed 9 legal whiting and 1 bream. We lost a lot of fish at the boat which was disappointing, but with the kids trying to do it all themselves there will only be more of that!  Not much size to them, I think only one or two over  30cm.


Got back to the ramp, boat on the trailer and it absolutely poured down for the next 10-15mins (good timing!)

Down to Toorbul for the weigh-in.  It was great ti see a lot of new members signing up.  I ended up winning B Grade ($30) for the day and my daughter won the Mystery Prize ($25) for weighing in a fish.  Nice to cover fuel costs for the day!



Results from the Toorbul Fishing Club Facebook page

Thanks to all those that participated in our Feb comp.

A Grade: Ryan Milbey with 10 Fish at 2.410g
B Grade: Luke Doyle with 8 Fish at 1.500g
Juniors: Jack Talbot with 1 Fish at 0.495g
Nippers: Jackson Tremayne with 5 Fish at 0.900g
F.O.D (other): Jason Soady
3 Species: Jason Soady 

Please dont hesitate to come down our March Comp is on the 26th.

More photos from the weigh-in at https://www.facebook.com/Toorbul-Fishing-Club-Inc-290853871277564/.

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9 hours ago, Binder said:

You better be prepared for daughter to remember dad snavelling the prize money to pay for the fuel!  :)

It will be brought up at every opportunity for the next 50 years!


Well done.

Hers definitely didnt go to fuel.  Once she had it in her hand i didnt see it again!!

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6 hours ago, bassmandan said:

Do they focus much on catch and release? @Doyley or are all fish weighed in dead?

@bassmandan only dead weigh in at this stage.  At the AGM this year live weigh ins and more sustainable fishing practises were discussed.  The club is all for it and hopefully with more members in the future, live weigh ins would be an option.

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