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Dark And Gloomy


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Morning was dark and gloomy

Bass were in a spin

They liked all my lures

So to me it was a win.:ausflag::fishing::)

Bass were on the move, I was picking them up trolling, they seemed to be heading up the dam. These were medium sized bass. I later found a school of littles and was jigging them. Managed 47 all up on lures and managed to stay dry all morning even though it looked like rain at anytime. Also put my new 95lb thrust Watersnake brushless motor through its paces. Just need to fit seat belts now and take ear muffs with me as its loud.
















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12 hours ago, timtam_ said:

94lb!!!!!!!! ****! Excuse my french. I'm sure that'll get you from A to B a bit quicker. What is the difference in speed?

I got it so I could get back to the ramp a little quicker on hot days. Havnt opened it out fully yet, but it got to 4.5mph fairly quickly. I usually troll at 2.5 mph.

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11 hours ago, ellicat said:

Hahaha, people will think you are ski lice ! :P

Also, wIth poetry like that you may be called up up to write a new song for Cronulla Sharks. :D

When I was on the water I couldnt stop thinking of the verse, the night was dark and stormy, the lavy lights were dim, I heard a crash and then a splash, good heavens he's fallen in.

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12 hours ago, rayke1938 said:

more noise seems to be the norm for brushless motors. I thought that the specs for my haswing were incorrect when they listed above 70db They were correct it is noisy.

Does the manual give the db reading for the motor.?



nothing in the book

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55 minutes ago, Binder said:

Ray;s Haswing sounds like a jet turbine winding up from a a distance!

I will have to get used to the noise, as I listen to my rods all the time, when its windy it puts me off a bit, and now this is going to take some getting used to. To explain, sometimes a fish will follow your lure for ages and might give it a little nudge now and again.

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