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Lake Eildon Drone Fishing .


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I was fishing over the weekend at Lake Eildon and pick up a few small trout and Redfin on maggots and worms under a float.

I also fished in the Pondage below the wall and brough out my R/c drone for the first time.

I used it to take the rapala lure out about 220 metres from the bank and dropped it off the back of a hook I made for the drone.

End up pulling and releasing one brown trout about 1.5kg or so.

Here is the video of it.



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6 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Great video mate, would be VERY handy for surf fishing!! 


this drone will lift up about 2lbs

A dji phantom 3 or 4 will lift about 4lbs..

there is a video of a guy that used a drone to take his bait out from the beach and used the camera on the drone to drop his squid bait on top of a school of longtail tuna.He did manage to hook up and bring the tuna back in through  the surf.




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