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Early Morning Swim


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Ramp out at NPD has been very flat for the last few months, so forgetting I was on the new ramp, I undid the chain and the winch cable as I have done for the last few months and reversed down. While watching where I was going in the side mirror I noticed the boat get a bit of momentum and yes off it went, I flew out of the car and raced into the water up to my neck before I caught the rope.:no::no::no:

Lucky for me I didnt hurt my back and lucky for me it was january and not july. By the time I got back to the ramp after fishing I had finaly dried out. Fishing did I mention fishing. My spot that had been fishing well had been flogged to bits over the last few days and the fish had moved on. Only took 2 pics all the other tiddlers were not worth a pic.




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