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Kangaroo Cliffs Bream


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The missus wanted to go for a walk and she suggested going out to kangaroo Cliffs. Naturally I suggested we throw the rods in and walk the rock walls and fish.

After stuffing around getting coffee and finding a park finally had lines in the water at about 930, with high tide being 10:30. Kirsty was using one of my atomic shad 40 deeps on a 6lb braid w/ 8lb leader and I was using sx40lc on 4lb braid and 6lb leader. We were just casting parallel to the rock walls and around over hanging trees, just going to any spot that had some decent casting and landing access.

I had the first hook up with a tiny cod and then naturally Kirsty got the first bream and then she got another bream! I think the first one was 23cm and the second was just legal at 25.

Anyway after that I was playing catch up being 2 bream behind her. Luckily I caught up and we were both on 3 bream, I had caught the biggest one at 28cm so I wasn't bragging or anything!

Kirsty didn't get anymore for the day but I managed to get another 4 bream to finish of the day with 10 bream and 1 cod between us with many more bites and a couple of dropped fish. I think we had about 5 legal fish and the other 5 bream wouldn't have been too far off in the 23-25cm mark.

Another fun morning on the brown snake, all that was missing was some Milton mangos!

Here's some flicks








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