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Just landed a tasty deal. 

BCF advertising the 2017 Stradic Ci4+ for $350. 

Club member price until the 12th of Feb is $279. 

I went to Anaconda and they beat that price by 10%.


End result is a $350 reel for $251 :) 

That works for any reels sold by BCF and anaconda, as long as you're a BCF member...



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Awesome! I just had a look and using the same tactic you could get a Stella 4000XG for just over $700... pretty awesome considering they are $969 normally.


edit - now I'm tempted to try and figure out what gear I can sell that I don't use anymore to buy a new Stella 5000.

Anyone interested in an exist 1000, exist 2500 or a certate (first mag seal model) 1500?

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