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Ceto Tacke Aggressor Review

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I have been testing the ceto tackle aggressor vigorously over the last few months and have really grown to love it. It's a 90mm bent bibbed crank and weighs 10.5 grams which gives it excellent casting distance. I love the tight action around snags and weed beds and also on sand flats. I found the most affective retrieve is nice steady hops with plenty of pauses and works exceptionally well on barra,jacks and various other predators. With this lure only being four dollars it is definetly worth getting every colour they come In. My personal favourite is the black and silver as it perfectly imatates a injured baitfish. I also love the fine attention to detail with this lure with raised fins,holographic eyes and raised gills and jaw bone as well as a very attractive scale pattern. They also come with tough quality hooks straight out of the box perfectly capable of handling those larger fish. In conclusion this lure is amazing and very affective so check out ceto tackle and get your aggressor today. 




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