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NPD First First Trip This Year.


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Had a couple of hours to spare this morning, so Ferg and I hit NPD, first time I have been out there on the water since christmas I think. Leastwise there were trees growing out of my shrimp pot floats! (Still had lots of shrimp in them though!)

Anyway water was way down, the boat ramp now being a causeway, and the fishing was tough, managed one bass trolling, then picked up a forkie when in desperation we went looking for Tillapia in the shallow water.

Further down the huge tree stump is finally out of the water, must of been a magnificent tree in its day, be close to 2 metres across I reckon.

Ended up flaked out in the air con after lunch, was buggered. Not the best time of the year to be out in the sun!










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11 hours ago, Dinodadog said:

Who owns that fine looking setup on the left, the one that a roo sprang out of the bushes in the dark and attacked my drivers side front wheel arch, left behind a bit of blood and hopped off.


If you arrived in daylight instead of wanting to see the sunrise that wouldnt happen.:devil:

One day I am determined to arrive at 6pm and sleep at the gate just to be first in the queue.



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