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Sweet Water Land Based Game Fishing

Drop Bear

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So it's mrs Drop Bear and my anniversary weekend this weekend. Thanks for your congratulations in advance :)

and I was keen for a little bit of game fishing... not the type you need 600m of 80lb line for... the type that you would be very game if you went fishing... The thing is Mrs DB is keen for a lie in on such occasions and I still get up early and don't really read the papers. 

I am not familiar with this area at all and was wondering if anyone knew where I could land base flick some lures for about an hour or 2 at dawn on Saturday or Sunday withing about 30 mins from Maleny. 

It would be catch and release only. Hoping to find a spot to flick with light gear and small lures for bass.


PS @Angus if found the Gun slinger. YAY!

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Popping the surface of Baroon Pocket dam puts you in with a chance at dawn. 

Otherwise head through Flaxton to Obi Obi Creek.

Just refresh yourself with the regs (how far from the wall etc) as I forget.

Also obviously Cod are a no target species.


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