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Dragon Speak.


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Bloke from out west arrived in Townsville on the train, it was 1am, he was hungry, thirstry

and bone tired.

He saw a pub called the " George and the Dragon " and knocked loudly on the door.

A woman stuck her head out of the upstairs window and shouted " wadd'ya want"?

"I'd like a room if it's not too much trouble, madam" he said.

No., she shouted.

"Could I have a beer, then?.

"No. Scram," she shouted.

"Could you at least let me sleep in the shed out the back?"

"No. Clear out or I"ll call the coppers". she shouted again.

The bloke from out west said,"What about if I ...?

"What now ?. the woman shouted, not allowing him to finish. "What about if I had a word to George?.:lol:

           Just a LAUGH..... Gary.

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