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Hey guys, my name is Andrew, been lurking for a couple of months, finally decided to register. I'm 27, born and raised on the Gold Coast,, hadro interest in fishing, actually actively avoided it, until about two months ago when I suddenly decided I wanted to fish. My boss has a big boat for going out on the reef but we're usually to busy to get out, then after seeing him all week I don't often feel like spending the weekend with him too. I usually go with another mate that has a smaller boat but I'm really more interested in land based estuary stuff so far. Just can't catch anything. Just bought the missus a cheapie rod because she has always bugged me to go and we have our first child due in May so I figured now was a good time to start learning so I look like I have some idea before he's old enough to see through it. 


From all my googling this place has easily been the friendliest and most resourceful for all things fishing, particularly SEQLD based. Hopefully I can contribute something useful soon. 


Thanks guys. 

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