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NPD Compliance!!


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Took a drive along NPD (Forgan Rd) at lunchtime, counted 6 yaks in the water at Bullocky Rest including one person having a dip and one yak at Forgan Park.

Apart from no yaks allowed, the dam is also closed to all water based activities. 

So ignorant or just don't give a rats!!

When on water access to public paddle crafts is eventually allowed, I can see they'll be plenty of yaks used at the current public access areas.

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Well considering it was not going to be a problem to recycle sewage in to our drinking water 10 years ago, it is a bit hard to swallow SEQ waters line that a plastic kayak within 5k of their water intake is going to cause the next plague........

People are just going to continue to ignore them.

Serious compliance efforts will be the only way to enforce their rules.


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