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Best Places In Hervey Bay To Fish


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Where are you camping and how old are your kids mate? My family used to stay at Pialba Caravan Park when I was a kid and we did PLENTY of fishing - obviously my info will be a bit outdated but may help. There are/were HEAPS of yabbies at low tide at Pialba, with whiting to be caught both at low tide and high tide. Shelly Beach is another nice stretch of beach (although it's all nice :)) with more whiting and we seemed to get some flathead there too. Then obviously there's the Urangan Pier - the age of your kids will dictate how far out along it you go. I've got no idea what gutters are there now but you don't necessarily have to go to the end - if you fish in the first gutter you should come across whiting, bream and flathead. Further out you may be lucky and come across trevally, mackerel, sharks and even tuna. You can jig livies (herring mostly) using a live bait jig (eg. Sabiki).

Other's will no doubt have more up to date info but that'll get you started if you haven't been there before. Gatakers Bay and Point Vernon are also worth checking out, particularly if your kids are old enough to be fishing off the rocks. If you can catch the small crabs on the rocks they're good bait and you could/should come across parrotfish, small cod and the like along with bream. Just be careful of 'Happy Moments/Black Trevally'.   http://www.moretonbayfishing.com.au/fishing-general-interest/venomous-fish-australia/rabbitfish-black-happy-moments/  If you don't have a set of long nose pliers on you just cut the hook off, you don't want to get spiked by them (my dad used to get spiked almost every trip in our canoe when we were kids .... :no:). You get arthritic like pain for from memory 3-4 days.

Good luck and enjoy, was only recently thinking I need to take my young kids there to rekindle old memories. Let us know how you go.

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