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Pine River - Another Hard Days Lurein'


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I liked the look of the overcast weather this morning and decided to take the boat for a days lure fishing on the Pine. I went out a couple of weeks ago and only managed 1 decent whiting and numerous undersize bream and flathead, using prawns. Not worth reporting on. Today I was hoping the water temp had dropped since a fortnight ago and wanted to stick to lures. Last year by this time I had already snared a Tailor and heaps of decent Flathead in the Pine.... different story this year.

Water temp is still 22 degrees. I have never seen so much Mullet action in this river, or any river for that matter, as I did today. They were literally jumping everywhere upstream from deep water bend - during the entire run out tide. Countless large 40cm + models too. I should have captured video of the surface activity and snapshots of the sounder as it was epic.

Anyway the mullet didn't really help with my angling success - After much time and much casting and much drizzle and much sand flies I felt somewhat deserved of this plump Flathead and  27cm Bream (that I returned to the water).



Surprised to catch the Bream on such a large vibe - definitely the lure of the day. Also lost what must have been a hard fighting catfish on a small Berkley grub - slime on the line gave it away.

All in all still worth me going out and slugging around some new discounted lures I picked up at BCF, Anaconda and Kmart sales bins.

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