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Smashing Weekend Sessions (pic Heavy )


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Saturday I got stuck into the work around the house, so I had sunday and monday free. I cleaned the pool, Mowed the lawn, done the edges and then had to clean myself up a bit and head down to Canungra to give a speech at my sons 50th birthday. After the speech, there was a nice smorgasboard and then as the band started I made my exit, cant stand loud music and cant stand every one shouting at each other, it does my head in.

Sunday out on the water for a smashing session, picking up bass trolling,jigging and on bait. Managed 100 with 3 over 50cm and a lot over 40cm.

Monday decided to go out again and glad I did, same as saturday picking up bass trolling, jigging and bait, I stopped at 100 but could of got a lot more if I stayed longer. Picked up one trolling on the way up the dam, so 101 for sunday. Its great to see the fish back in our area for a change.Took a few pics so I'll just put them all up.Forgot to mention no bass over 40cm monday.














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We are trying to go to the hinze but it is very hard to give up NPD with the number of fish available.

Looks like the policy of distributing the fingerlings over a wide area instead of just tipping them out around the ramp is really start to pay off with a good survival rate.

Reckon the years to come willresultin a lot of quality fish..



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Couple of awesome sessions there Dino - I'd hate to see my yearly 'fish caught count' next to yours, I'd be sobbering for the next calendar year ........ :no:  Good luck on the cod hunt - amazed you haven't been after them more, hope you nail one (or more :)).

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