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Burdekin Dam Redclaw,,,,,


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Hi all, Spent 2x half days at the dam, first time on the fresh since I was a kid.

Didn't have dams up here in those days. Anyhow not knowing where to go we done a lot of running around getting

the lay of the land so to speak, set 8 pots in some weedy places and went looking for places for next time.

Probably go further up next time, went about 3/4 klm's from the wall but there is a lot of fishing pressure

in the first couple of klm's. Set pots in 6 to 10  feet of water, bait used was cat bickies/ rock melon/ carrot

potato. The best was  bickies and melon but these were set the furtherest up stream so probably more claws up there.

Got 7 but spent more time getting our bearings, got 2 eel tailed catfish, 30 cm.

Dam stopped overflowing last night.

 Water was pretty stirred up but have another trip in the pipeline already.

Lost one new pot and the sounder carcked it but was a good outing.







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