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Could Not Last


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Like Ray i could not last the distance, I could not stand it anymore with no fishing. So mate Glen took me in his boat this morning as it was going to be overcast. Well it rained and rained and his bilge pump didnt work so we had to finish up earlier than expected. I dont think either of us cared as we were wet through to the skin. We managed 30 jigging. When we got back to the ramp the water just poured out of the boat for ages, I think it was a wise decision. Glens fish was smaller than mine, but I can take a better pic.:1_grinning:









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3 hours ago, benno573 said:

And here i was thinking mrs Dino must have hacked your account and started posting based on that title... :whistle:


good to see you back out and about though mate.

She did a while ago @benno573 - do a forum search for it. Can't remember exactly, think it was called 'a short report' or 'a quick report' ....... :whistle::devil:

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