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Yesterday morning I went out with Nick Whyte from Tech Fishing to learn more about my HDS Gen 3 unit. I was not happy with the results I was getting from the total scan transducer at speed and after Nick checked my transducer installation position and said it couldn't be any better. This was a big relief after changing it 3 times. 

It was a beautiful morning and we launched at Port Of Brisbane boat ramp.


Nick was very thorough in going through the HDS settings and features and we used the full 3hrs. Lucky to have had a HDS gen 2, I was fairly familiar with its operation but I wanted to know I was using it to its full potential.  After the instruction I have no doubt the investment will pay off down the track and I learnt some very valuable information.

If anyone is interested in learning about your Lowrance equipment operation Nick Whyte from Tech Fishing 0422 213 669.



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I've been meaning to do this for a few years now, might eventually do it once I get time. I've never heard a bad word about Nick.

What sort of speed are you talking about? I lose bottom at around 24kts, but still have depth, which I then lose at about 26-28kts. 0-10kts, my reading is crystal clear, has a little noise 11-18kts, and then is pretty much unreadable after that. I adjusted my transducer a few times, and the way I have it now is the best I could I get it. I asked around, and most said that was the best I'd get on my Elite 7 and transducer. But then again, I've seen some brilliant results on the same setup with speeds of well over 30kts. Different boats though I suppose?

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