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Baroon Pocket Southern Ramp Reopened


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Saw that it had increased to 70% yesterday morning .

SEQ water reopened it yesterday arvo.

Should be worth a trip but hard to leave NPD whileits fishing so well.

Baroon pocket is a great little dam to take kids to as it is a prolific little fishery and if the bass are quiet there are plenty of spangled perch in the weed beds on the edges.

It is one of the few dams that the bass will also readily take frozen salt water yabbys but live shrimp are better.

 Every adult on board requires a SIP permit butkids are free.

 You can now leave your petrol motor on your baot but you are not allowed to use it as dam is electric only.

Cheap camping at the Maleny showgrounds and plenty to do in maleny when you are not fishing.


Below from SEQ water website.

Lake Baroon Southern boat ramp has reopened


As a result of recent inflows and the subsequent increase in lake levels, the boat ramp at the Southern Recreation area has reopened.

Lake levels will be monitored and the southern swimming area will be reinstated as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

The Northern recreation boat ramp remains closed.

All users are encouraged to exercise additional caution on the water as conditions may have changed as a result of the recent inflows.

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