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My Pb Spotty! Thanks Tugger

Drop Bear

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Soooo @tugger offered me a decky spot for Monday this week down at Currumbin.

Lucky fella is set up very nicely. I must say I'm a bit jealous of his campsite.

So with alarm set for 1.40am!!!!!!!!!! .... yes you read it correctly. I headed off to meet at the boat ramp for a 3.30 start.

It was still night time as we got to the bar (thanks tugger) and with thoughts of my pillow in mind I had time to finish the braid knot while we waited to see where the channel was. 

Wind was dropping off from about 10knots NE. It was a little bit sloppy but there was not much swell to speak of. 

As the grey dawn developed Tugger could now see the channel and we headed through the small breaking waves in the shallow water into a comfortable but sloppy sea. 

We got to palmy and anchored up. It is so close. hardly surprising that it is so popular. It made me wonder if a stack of artificial reefs would be a top idea for the Gold coast. Especially down at Currumbin and the sea way.


There were a few live baits around and Tugger drifted out some pillys and livies out the back. The wind dropped out and the sea flattened. It was very comfortable in the boat. 

Someone asked Tugger if there were ever Sharks in this area... Not sure who it was... could have been anyone... :whistle: OKAY at least I didn't bring any bananas...

Sure enough they grey suit brigade showed up and gave us some excitement. :frantics:

After about an hour the pen in front of me screamed off so I grabbed it. It took a few good runs under heavy drag but didn't do the big dash then nothing then big dash that the sharks had been doing so I let myself dream it could be something good. Sure enough the long silver shape that eventually came briefly into view before dashing away again was not grey and the tail didn't have the typical high top. Tugger grabbed the gaff and expertly lifted it in on its fist pass on the surface and we had it. 

Ok they probably get better but this was a very special fish for me. I have been dreaming of Spotty Macs for a few years now and have caught only small ones. I have bought a boat that specifically has these on the target species list so I hope you can understand why this was very exciting for me. The biggest spotty I had ever seen and absolutely a PB.


I think the truth mat may have been a little small but Tugger called if for 1m and I'm not gonna argue. 

The fishing slowed (except for the sharks) so tugger suggested we head out to some wider ground. He filled me with hopes and dreams of black marlin, Spanish, Cobia etc.

There was a great show of bait at one of his marks and we anchored up right on top of it. No current to worry about and we caught some nice livies. A xxos hammerhead shark smashed some of our gear and 3 huge rays cruised past. We got a few grassy sweet lips that were under size and went back and a small flathead and gobie etc. while catching live bait. Nothing to keep.20171204_075842.thumb.jpg.4a48d24290feaa94ed2d428506170bc1.jpg

With a bar to cross and a falling tide we headed back. 

Thanks again @tugger for the decky spot. Thrilled to have a PB and to have a great feed for the family 

I learnt a lot of tips and techniques that I will use again. One thing that was really interesting was water temp. We had 240 and tugger recons 27 is better. I will look out for this now. 


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36 minutes ago, aussie123 said:

Wahoo and Marlin there now and maybe a chance for a Spanish

Mate seriously you should have put a language warning before you said that.... I don't think you understand how exciting those words are... I could have spilled my Beer coffee :frantics:... i have not even seen a Marlin let alone caught one. 

So should we do the honey hole for that?

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No, sit away from the honey hole and get your baits out the back of the rock if the currents allow it and make sure your lines are all good around the tide change as that is when most stuff happens.

If the currents and seas allow you to sit in the hole and still get your baits out the back, go for it.

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Congrats on an absolute cracker of a spotty Rob, won't be forgetting that one in a hurry mate!!  Not sure if you've filleted it yet, but if so, I'm on a diet so just a medium portion for me on Saturday please ........ :whistle::devil: 

Think I read in the last week or so that the Spaniards/wahoo have been around the Pt Lookout area so fingers crossed you get some good action on Thursday. Whose boat?

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10 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Think I read in the last week or so that the Spaniards/wahoo have been around the Pt Lookout area so fingers crossed you get some good action on Thursday. Whose boat?

I hope you are right. Very keen.

I am going with a mate that is not on AFO!!!! I know! I hope I don't get a life time ban? Just dont tell the admins ok? our little secret. 

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