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Sounder Battery - How To Charge?


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I have one of these batteries for my punt. A sounder alone won't draw much from it, but you will still need a charger. For these little batteries, you won't need anything too big, any auto store multi-stage battery charger will do. I have C-Tek, that I use for my big boat batteries, but is overkill for my little 7Ah. I just use a smaller Repco brand charger, and remember to disconnect it as soon as it is charged.

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This type battery doesn't usually come with a charger unless it is a package deal put together by the seller.

If you want the battery to last, you will need to get a charger for it. Batteries die quite quickly if they are run down too far and/or not recharged promptly. And any warranty would be void.

You really should get a "smart" charger.  Overcharging kills batteries just as dead as leaving them flat. A small low amperage unit will do the job on a battery like this. With a half decent smart unit you can leave it on for some time past full charge without harming the battery. Good ones can be left on indefinitelty.

CTEK make really good multi-stage intelligent chargers, but they are not cheap, and as Tybo said, they would be over the top for your little battery.

I have never used them myself, but Jaycar have basic smart chargers for about $30 - $40 and a 3 stage smart charger for about $50.  You should be able leave the battery on permanent float charge with one of these.


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On 12/6/2017 at 9:09 PM, Ryannnnnnnn said:

Problem is I have no idea on how to charge the battery.

Tybo and deegee12g have great info on what charger to get and how to do it. 

I hope this is not telling you how to suck eggs but thought I would add some battery charger basics that I like to do.

Make sure you properly identify what is the Positive side (Red or +) and the Negative side (Black or -). Its probably fine in a new installation but many times people use what ever they have to repair terminals etc. They might have red electrical tape and use in on the Negative side. It may not be clear what is Pos and Neg. For example my old boat has a + symbol on the negative terminal. I assume someone had this connector hanging around and used it. Good rule of thumb is to identify this on the battery itself and go with this. 

I like to put the clips onto the battery before I turn on or plug in the charger. The new smart chargers probably don't need this. 

Make sure you have a good connection and the clips are well attached and wont fall off.

Try not to charge outside. You will be probably leaving the charger on for a while and not watching it. I have done this and we got an unexpected shower. 


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