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Screen Printers/embroiderers?


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19 hours ago, Tybo said:

We don't, but have contacts who do, what are you after?

I have had a few requests for some new gen afo shirts...

Thinking basic gildan long sleeve. Probably grey with afo logo on back and left breast. Should keep cost down and do it by order with a wait period.

If price is right do a grey and khaki options. 

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1 minute ago, Tybo said:

Shirts are honestly the only thing we do not do. I'll ask around here and get some contacts. What about the guy in Singapore you've used before, they were good shirts, keen for someone local instead?

Yeah looking for something local and more affordable for the members.

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Threadcred at Capalaba are without doubt best screen printers in Brisbane. I have actually even toured their factory and believe they are the only company that has this huge rotating arm thing to screen print small quantities to large runs to the highest quality. 

After seeing quality of theirs vs others, they are insanely better. i would hands down not go anywhere else.

Speak to Mike, he can do digital printing, proper screen printing which gets best results, sublimation, etc. He is a top bloke and knows the trade inside and out. 

@Angus if you are speaking to him, mention my name. 


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