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Reel Selection (help)


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Happy New Year to all

I have a Live Fibre Overhead Rod (RLFTX16) 10 - 15 kg rated

there are some specials running at the moment and I would like some input what would be a good reel to suit this rod. 

I will be using it to do some light trolling, some live baiting and some occasional bottom bashing. 

I had done some researching and have been thinking of a Shimano Tyrnos 16 or the Simano Talica 16

Some suggestions would be nice. 

One further question - is a two speed needed ?


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tyrnos 16 or 20 are great reels...2 speed isn't effective till you get up to 24 kg..i shark fished out of lake Macquarie for many years and all our 15kg reels were single speed..im no scientist but it boils down to a difference in the amount of drag needed to turn the lower gearing...on 15kg with 5kg drag when you go to pump an wind nothing happens.go up to 8kg drag it all starts working..all the guys I know in port stephens and lake mac that fish shark are the same..10 or 15 is a waste of the extra dollars and extra weight of reel..rick

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I have the Talica 16 after upgrading from a TLD. It was a massive price jump but the difference in quality is also huge.

I have heard good reports about the Tyrnos being bullet proof and robust. The Talica is nearly twice the price of the Tyrnos and for the extra weight and the robustness of the Tyrnos, that would be my pick based on your application description.

I went the Talica because I also do jigging and the extra weight was important to me.

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Guest Kendaric
On 1/5/2018 at 7:34 AM, rickmarlin62 said:

2 speed isn't effective till you get up to 24 kg

Very true.  Higher retrieve ratios of many jig reels also make winding more difficult, but with smaller spool diametres, tend to counter that.

Often people go to two speed in lower classes because it feeds their ego, and you more often find that they never use the lower gear.

A single speed has less to go wrong with it, and as mentioned before, a little cheaper.

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