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NPD Fingerling Release 14/1/18


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Following the release of 80,000 bass and 6 000 silvers in December the PRFMA released 25 000 golden perch into NPD to conclude this seasons stocking program.

As usual the fingerlings were provided and delivered by Hanwood Hatchery who are situated near Murgon.

 As the fingerlings were not due till approximately 10 am naturally we had to have a little fish prior.

The fish were a little scarce with Rick and Joy capturing 11 bass and I was a bit lonely with only one bass and a turtle before we had to head back to the ramp.

Percy has invited over 50 of his relatives to roost on the ramp of a night time so the ramp is a little on the bugle with all the pelican poo so the trickis to back your car right into the water so you do not get the poo on your shoes.

Whilst they look majestic on the water the mess they leave on the ramp is a different story.



npd14118 001 (640x480).jpg

npd14118 002 (640x480).jpg

npd14118 003 (640x480).jpg

npd14118 004 (640x480).jpg

npd14118 005 (640x480).jpg

npd14118 006 (640x480).jpg

npd14118 009 (640x480).jpg

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