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King Parrot Trout


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If you are fly fishing you could try the upper section as it is probably the best for trout. It has a gravel bottom and is full of insects with out much weed. Also try the little creeks that come off from it ( Pheasant, Chyser, Wallaby, Stony and Silver Creeks).

 If you are lure fishing, it is a great spot to try lures like small hard boddies and spinners. 

If you are bait angling you can have a go here too, but as it is so shallow it can be a bit hard to find spots that will work.

Just a general note for trout fishing in shallow clear streams;

Trout will always sit in the creek facing upstream. They do this so they can maintain there position and see any food that comes towards them. If you are scoping out a spot always start downstream and walk up casting as you go. This way you wont spook them. Its fun to actually get right up behind the trout. 

I hope you have a great time. 

I just put in a few photos of a trip we did while in Taz. 

Good luck and I hope you crack the code :) If you do or even if you go for a fish and dont catch any would you post a bit of a report and some photos? We love reading and seeing fish stuff.





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No I don't have any photos. Um... I realise I don't know enough about them. 

They were very brown trout like but with much larger blotches down the sides. Small only about 16cm ish. I believe they are out competed in any lower rivers and only exist above significant waterfalls with no stocked lakes above.

I really wish we had taken a photos now.

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