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Manly Boat Ramps


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9 minutes ago, MarkA said:

My mate always favours the south one, I’ve only been there a few times myself. 


The south one has good parking and is quieter but takes a lot longer to get out as it is further from the harbor mouth. I suppose I am impatient and like the Northern one for this. I will probably be there Sunday and can have a look unless that is too late.

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The south ramp was closed still for works so I headed up to the north ramp.

I had the missus with me who hasn't been out much since we had the bub 5 mths ago and the earliest we could make it was the very gentlemanish hour of 8:30am.

Unfortunately by that stage the car parking was non existent so some creativity had to be used as  the pontoon was full and the boats kept launching!

The plan was to head to tangalooma and fish along the way, we didn't see a lot of activity along the way but we did see one small school of longtails on the way up that were up only briefly...we got a few follows but no takers.

On the way back we picked up a spotty and saw a few other schools up on the surface. The fish didn't seem to be in the mood when we were passing through, small schools up for a few seconds seemed to be the order of the day.


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11 hours ago, MarkA said:

The plan was to head to tangalooma

Nice one mate. It does get pretty crazy at the wrong time. Glad you got a spotty!

I normally use the Whyte Island Ramp for Tangalooma. It gets crazy too but it was pretty quiet today. Must be the wind. 

Thanks for the info on the Southern Ramp. I didn't even know it was out. I mostly only use Wynnum Creek and Whyte island. 

All the best

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