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Jacob's Well Mystery Man


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Hit Jacob's Well with this mystery man today.



Turned out it was only @Old Scaley with a buff on.

Forecast wasn't the best with possible storms and 20 knot winds but there's always someplace to hide down there.

The fishing wasn't great but we got onto a good feed of whiting while we waited for the 4 crab pots to fill....and fill they did.

Mostly with water, but the first pot showed promise with two big muddies, one being a buck. Yayyy. The next 3 were all under size unfortunately. Never mind, one is good.

Whilst fishing I scored a very pretty purple spotted morwong of sorts (??). Steve'll post the pic later.

Right near the end of the day, with me being confident my 30cm whiting was going to be Fish of the Day, Steve's rod buckled and in came a nice 35cm specimen.


I tried some of the tips on photography but alas my skills are still lacking.


Whilst not a great day on the fishing front it was good to get the doughnut monkey that's been around for a couple of months off our backs.

Upwards and onwards, Steve. Top day out.


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Well it was a great day out despite the wind limiting our choices of fishing spots and it is always good to have a week day fish away from the crowds.

I learned a few things today. First, @ellicat  showed me how to choke a whiting.EB46AEAE-18CC-487F-AEBA-0D4C0D158053.jpeg

Later Brian showed me a new variety of Morwong, which was very pretty.


Then he showed me how happy he was to be off his donut.



Later, I used everything that I learned from the photo topic this week to take a classy photo of our one keeper crab.




Then I forgot everything I had learned and took my usual dead fish photo at the end of the day.


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