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GC 36's outside

Brian D

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Went to the outer reefs to day - Med swell and very bumpy. We could hardly feel a bite.

Not sure how many we caught but here is a picture of the keepers.

We did get a 5 foot bronze whaler.

My personal score was a trag jew, 2 leather jackets, sargent baker, some assorted reef fish and about 20 squire. There were others but I can't realy remember.

The mate I went with spent 9 hrs chucking up over the side and didn't get a fish - poor bugger $150 to spew for 9 hrs.

There were no nobby's or cobia and very few pearl's.

[img size=489]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Funest_Time_019.jpg

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So when are you doing this again Brian :)

Ill try and make it.

By the way, im fishing with Ash for bullies in the river land based next week wednesday.

But i also have thursday and friday free in between my new and old job.

So Brian if your keen for a fish im there!!!!

Or if you want to join us Wednesday :)


(That applies to anyone with some fishing ideas by the way).

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Did you spot the leather jackets? Can anyone see em? There is two of em.

Next is no god for me EOM reports and meetings.

I'll post the next planned trip in the going fishing section.

Actualy the burley guy was no help - the current was too strong - maybe we couls have tied a snapper sinker to him!

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