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Hinze Western Arm 15/4/18


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I arrived very early at 5am and it was blowing a good 20knots with leaves and branches rushing across the car park. Hai was already there and I tried to ring Mark but with no optus reception at the ramp we had to wait for him to arrive just after 5.30. By this time the wind had dropped to around 10 knots so we decided to head out. By the time we had done out shrimp traps it had glassed out.

The fish were scattered in small schools in among the trees and we would pull around 6 or so before the barred grunter found us.

Best fish of the day was a 19cm bass which I will recapture when it reaches 50cm. (Be a bit hard as it was too small to tag:no: )


I stuffed up big time tagging 12 fish but only recording 10 on my tag sheet.

Ended up with 62 bass and one tandan and the usual assorted barred grunter for the eagle.

Ran into Jesse one of the local toga specialists .who had caught a nice toga on a jig spin.


hinze 15.4.18 001 (640x480).jpg

hinze 15.4.18 002 (640x480).jpg

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