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Hinze Eastern Arm 18/4/18


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We went to the eastern arm this morning.

With Rick driving at the last moment I realised that my lifejacket and rain coat were in the back of my car so as the stars were out I just chucked them into the boat.

By the time we got to Carbrook there was a nice lightening display and it started raining around Yatala. It was pelting down at the ramp so I grabbed my gear from the boat and donned my already saturated coat and jacket and Rick also got wet getting his gear out of the back of his car. Mark was cunning as he came from the coast and put his gear on before leaving as it was already raining at his home.

'The rain eased off just after we launched and the bass were hungry and we had a nice session before we used up the few shrimp left over from Sunday.

We headed off to do our traps and it started pouring again plus the wind got up. We only did about half our pots and Ricks brand new you beaut rain gear started to leak like a sieve. It has reflective tape stitched to it and was leaking at the stitching. As rick and I were both wet and cold we called it a day at 8am with a total of 28 bass. When I got home found that I had to give the dog a bath.

Rick was not happy with his new rain gear and went back to where he purchased it and was told of cause  it leaks on the stitching it is only shower proof. He pointed out that the packaging says waterproof and they offered a credit not a refund. Looks like consumer affairs are going to be involved.




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