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caring for my next boat as I see thiswas really very important as I getting my 1st larger boat in future as you knew thiswas my first evr larger boat say in the 17 to 19ft size thiswas really a fiberglass runabout

old.salty mick 1983

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greetings my fishing friends as you knew thiswas really be my first ever larger boat im was going tobuy in future as thiswas really a need to learn to care for these larger boats say from the 17 to the 19ft sizes as im getting this was as a fiberglass runabout as thiswas really say a nicer Haines hunter V17R boat as thiswas really be my first ever large fiberglass boat as im going to ask you on the care needs for these boats say when i wash it down after use as i say the need to wipe the boat down and as well wipe the seats down say after use say i give my seats a really good wipe down say the back to back seats i will wipe them down after use and if needed i wipe them with a clean cloth being thiswas post use wipe downs and i hose the boat off to rinse it of saltwater as im going to learn this in future as i do that i get more experienced in this sort of boat care thiswas wont be a worry as i knew my boating knowledge was needed tobe expanded over time in future as i have a zest to learn on boat care thiswas my learning in future was tocare for my 1st ever Haines hunter boat in future can you tell me what i needed was to learn in future mate

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