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jewfish and threadfin


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If you want to fish off the land, try a rod around 8-9 feet long, as casting a decent length helps in my experience, with a 5000-8000 baitrunner reel spooled with 300 metres of thirty pound braid. I like a Silstar Crystal Powertip 8 foot 6-8KG rod, and reels like an Okuma Coronado CDX, or any Shimano Baitrunner is good too.

I normally use a size 4 star sinker or lower it down to a size 3 snapper sinker if there's not much tide with 50 pound leader and a 6/o circle hook. If fishing in the Brisbane River, you'll also get lots of bycatch like snapper, flathead, and tailor doing this as well. 

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If your looking for distance in a baitrunner then I'd recommend a Shimano baitrunner long cast medium, I'd say it's a 6500 size.

Has a great baitrunner system, holds a lot of line, has about 15kg of max drag and casts really good and it's not very expensive at just under $300.

It can't hurt to have a longer rod then strictly necessary, that way when you fish spots that need a little more distance you will still be able to fish successfully. I've lost count of the amount of times I've caught fish when others couldn't because I could get an extra 20ft distance because of my set-up. Also when the wind isn't in your favour a longer casting outfit will still get you in the zone wh3n the wind reduces you casting distance.

For over hand it's definitely hard to beat an Abu Garcia Ambassador, look after one of them and it's with you for life.

They cast great and can be bought of easily modified for super long distances casting.

If you really not in need of long casting, I would get either a the Ambassador or a baitrunner style of reel, I th8nk shimano makes the best but other companies make some really good ones too.

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4 hours ago, mzaakir said:

yeah i settled on a ugly stick 8ft rod, always wanted to try ugly stick so i ended up getting one of those. I looked at the penn spinfishers and really liked them so might pick one up. Also looked at the shimano d and oc range because apparently they quite good

Did you get the 8 foot 6-10KG spinnning model? I've been thinking about getting that one for a while so would be good to hear if it's any good. 

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