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baroon bass mixed sizes


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Up to Baroon for a change of scenery, love that pretty place. Picked up a few trolling, until I started to find a few schools. Then I would try some jiggs until they got sick of them and finish up with some on bait. Picked up some decent size ones early, but the last school I found were all legal but small.Managed 70 plus bass. Got bored with these so packed up and headed for the pie shop, for a pie and peas and a custard slice for when I got home.Wife arrived home late, been down the coast,daughter and her 2 daughters took wife to see the rocky horror show for her birthday. Then to top it off, daughter came around with a cream filled cake and we sang happy birthday and I made myself sick by having some cake. I will never learn.


Stuff it, seen there was a video up thought it was right to post pics.

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3 hours ago, benno573 said:

was the pie tagged and released?

by the time I had the pie with a big serve of peas for lunch, then the custard slice for afternoon tea, when my daughter came around with cream cake for the wifes birthday, I nearly lost the lot at the table,but like a trooper I had a piece.

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