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trolling motors. need info


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Hey guys...

I have the oppourtunity to buy a used electric trolling motor and I really know bugger all about them so I'm here to pick the collective consiousness and take advantage of your combined wisdom.

Seller says it's a "Minn Kota RT/AP Trolling Motor" that comes with a 60" shaft, 55lb thrust, Maximiser, cordless remote control, corded foot control, 2 mounting brackets, and an anderson plug.

He's asking $600 for it, is that a reasonable price? What sort of things should I look for/be wary of with a used electric motor? Will it be appropriate for a 4.3m aluminium runabout with a 40hp and 2-3 POB? I'm assuming that doesn't have any of the funky GPS functions like spot lock and autopilot... can they be added? My boat has a two battery system with a 680CCA battery for the engine and a 780CCA battery for the "house" battery (yes I'm aware it's overkill for a house battery, it came with the boat)... could I run the motor from the house battery or would I need a third battery? Oh and what is a "maximiser"?

Something else I'm wondering... due to the design of my boat (windscreen, small bow area, bow rails) it'd be difficult to mount it on the bow, and a pain in the butt to deploy/retrieve. Can these things be stern mounted? I don't have much transom area as my boat has a splashwell incorporated and the outboard takes it all up so I can't use one of their transom mounts but it does have large horizontal surfaces either side of the transom to which I could deck mount the motor and it could lay along the stbd gunwhale when stowed... would this work or would I be going backwards when I want to go forwards? Would the 60" shaft be ridiculously tall on the stern? Can it be shortened?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can share.


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Sounds like you would be better with a 54” and agree, you want spot lock as a priority.

Something that interfaces with your sounder so you can run a route and then have the leccy run it at whatever speed is also really handy as that way you can just run along a bank slowly casting snags and not have to worry about the controls.  That or you would need to be able to stand and use the foot remote.


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