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how best to handle multiple weights and types of lines.


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I broke the drought recently after a 40 year absence from fishing.  A lot has changed in 40 years!

Once upon a time mono was it, with various breaking strains available.  Now there is also fluorocarbon, and braid ... God knows what's coming in the future.

I was wondering how everyone handles quick changes from one type to another or one breaking strain to another? (on the same rod?)

I was wondering if any one supplier offers empty spools so that a quick change over is possible?

What do you guys do?


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Unless you get spare spools, quick is out of the question.

Most tackle shops have some spare spools and you don't need too many as new line conveniently enough comes with its own spool.

One of the best solutions is to balance your line, have something that is thin enough for your light fishing and heavy enough for your biggest fishing needs.

Or like myself and many others on here you could have a shed full of rods for different situations.

I have seen a line changer that runs on an electric drill, that would make it much faster to change line, but I've never bothered looking into one. It's just something I do while watching TV.

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