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your favourite leader for shore jigging?

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My name is Dan and I am Very curious to hear what your Favourite FC leaders are to use for Shore Jigging around sharp rocks and why you prefer those brands/models?

I am currently using DUEL 0.57mm for my heavy set up and seaguar ACE 0.47mm for my medium set up, and I love them both, but im always open to trying other brands if they are proven better.

Thank you for you time!

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is the water extra clear??

If not then go back to plain monofilament like Schnieder Klear Line.

Very abrasion resistant.

FC is usually not needed unless the water is so clean they can see the line super easily.....they are to be fixated on the bait anyway.

I dropped back to Klear Line 3 years ago and sometimes tie up FC just because it is easier to find than the mono I want.....around Mud Sialand and in the Brisbane river there is no difference in the amount of bites.....FC is far easier to bust around rocks though.

Just another marketting ploy to pull more money from our pockets and happily bullshit you into needing it.


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