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finding a strong rock fishing set up

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I want to get a good set up that is transportable and able to cast a lot with ease but strong for rock/land based fishing. Targeting kingfish and other larger pelagics.

Was thinking the Daiwa BG Bluewater S80-6/8 Spinning Rod

paired with my

Penn Conflict Spinning 8000

with 80lb braid to whatever fluoro leader throwing heavy lures.

Is 8 foot long enough for rock casting and some beach casting?

Is this reel ok for this?

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I like a 9' (2.7m) rod for rock works....definitely fibreglass not graphite....something that can deadlift 20 plus kg. 

My fav rod is an extended Snyderglas JS1029W out to 2.75m...I run a Abu 10 000CA overhead with 20kg mono on it. Accounted for some jumbo kings in the 80's, a few big spanish as well.

None of the graphite rods survived long on the rocks.


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If you read my reports I go rock fishing once a week every where.

I have three rock fishing rods & reels. Never let me down. Caught some big fish over the years.

Dawia over there rod. ( 11ft )

Penn Prevail 2. 10 FT & 12 fT.

Penn Conflict 6000 reel.

Penn Clash 5000

Fin - Nor LT 100

Penn Slammer 4500HS.

I only use top rated Mono line.

Various baits  & lures.


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@Rebel@mangajackThanks for the responses,

Its a good point about the fibreglass over graphite.. im not sure how the pe8 daiwa bluewater 8ft would do with deadlifting fish, it seems it would be pretty strong with such a high PE rating, no? I have the penn prevail 2 12ft and conflict 8000 reel which was for the beach.  Do you throw lures with this thing or just bait and wait? I wanted something i could cast lures with all day and the 8ft bluewater seemed to me to be a good choice for this.

Says on the website about the S80, unidirectional wrapped, graphite/fibreglass construction. BG Bluewater blanks are incredibly resilient, have an unwavering backbone, and the power to lift and lead strong fish from the depths. 

Not exactly sure how that compares to pure fibreglass though..


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I used that rod for both bait and lures.....casts very well. 

Snapper and jew to about 7kg I could just swing up onto the rocks instead of screwing around with nets or gaffs....certainly saves losing a lot of fish trying to land them carefully.

I used to throw a lot of iron coffins or Cotton Cordell Sea Hags for the big fish off the rocks....both worked really well.....sea hags also accounted for many big jew there too working the suds.

These days I would be opting for big plastics or large light soft swimbaits off the stones.

Double Island Point and Lions Rock were my two best rock platforms....Noosa national park never produced much for me. Cape Moreton was hit and miss, Point Lookout was ok but a bit too easily accessed resulting in crowding.

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Thanks for the responses,

I'm also fishing NSW (South coast). I'll be getting getting a kayak as well, am wondering what you think of using the aforementioned 8 footer s80 on a kayak. Is the length and action a bit too much for this use case? Can anyone comment on the Daiwa Spartan rods and how they compare and what i'd be missing? I am trying to keep costs down and the bluewater is significantly cheaper..

Maybe I need to look at a different set up entirely for kayak fishing, something smaller and lighter to manoeuvre. Any recommendations here?

Was considering the 

Penn Ally 5'6" 1pc 24-37kg Spin Rod

or maybe the 


Penn GT 5'6" 1pc 15-24kg 340 Overhead Combo

budget friendly, now sure how they handle.

Maybe a daiwa Legalis LT or Exceler LT,

or is the Daiwa BG/Penn Slammer 6500 a better idea for saltwater 


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