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report on SIP Barra seminar


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Well I went along and didnt win a prize. ( There were some good ones bundles of soft plastics new ecogear lures etc )

I wrote down a few notes and cant decipher most of them and got so interested on what was being said forgot to take any more. Maybe Brian can remember a bit nore.

Use 4-6 kg rods loaded with 10 kg PE braid and 60kg flouro leader.

Have drags set lightly and leave the fish run he uses electric and uses that to try and keep the boat over the fish. Keep the rod tip down ( ie in the water) this prevents the barra jumping which is when they throw or destroy the hooks and lures.

He said that all the australian lures have strong hooks and rings and he does not upgrade them If you go too heavy on the upgrade you destroy the design charistics of the lures eg a floating lure will sink or the action will change.

If using surface lures in shallow water grease the line with vascelene to help it float.

For soft plastics use 5 inch or larger single tail or power shads on worm hook.

Look for fish on sounder and if you find a show stop on top and keep on working. He will sit on top for 2 hours and keep working soft plastics to entice them to bite.

Speak to local tackle shops for the latest advice - sure they will want to sell you gear but they realize if they give the wrong advice they will not be there for long.

He does not fish the timber but seems to concentrate on the shallow bays and points at night.

Statics seem to indicate that there is a more pronounced bite period on moon rise, moon overhead and moon set but you can catch fish anytime you just have to be persistant.

He said that you can catch barra there all year round- just use different tactics.

Duncan at fishhead is quite happy to gfive advice and i think that brian is going to take his rods and reels for advice.


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You took notes - I am impressed.

I remember this - he said that if you catch 2 fish a day your doing good. (preasure is off - we should be able to catch 2)

Also he said that a boat must work as a team or you'll cut your chances down of landing down. Gus - Troy -we need to practice!

He used 7'2\" rods with the method of casting towrds the bank and slow retrieve,(at night)

and same during day but others use the \"twitching method\" and smaller rods.

If it rains use the 120 HB's and stick it out - don't sook and go home - Gus we don't need to practice that, I think we got it down OK.

Ray got this rest of info so you guys didn't miss that much.

I actually thought the guy from the mag gave better advise then the pro guy, whether he needs practice comunication or he was withholding his secerets - I don't know - but thatnks to Fishhead for putting it on.

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