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Kookaburra Park 07/10/2006


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Charley and I hit Kookaburra Park Saturday morning. We were fishing by about 6:00 AM and had our first live catfish in the water five minutes later. Funnily enough that one catfish was the only thing we caught. Good thing they are tough baits, he kept kicking untill we left about 6 hours later. The catfish was rigged under a float and anchored about 10-15 m out. (To do this slip slip a small snapper lead onto the line above the float. I even add a small bit of mono to the lead and join it by a swivel slipped over the main line; this makes it more tangle resistant). I only half heartedly tried to catch catfish after the first one as the rest of our shark baits were fresh pike eel fillets. We had 5 or 6 shark baits out in total. Didn't even get a run... We fished from a bit before low tide and then most of the way back in.

Weather was great. It was a warm, humid morning and then midmorning heavy cloud cover came over and cooled things down.

Although this was our third unsuccessful shark trip this season, it was our first one with fresh eel handy, so we were dissapointed...:blush:

Pic: Our rods on the beach [img size=448]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/100_1069small.jpg


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Werewolf: I wouldn't exactly call it a beach :P . Do you sink very far in that mud? :P . I have heard about Kookaburra Park. Where abouts is it? Within the next month or so (Probably when we are away at Awoonga) the Bullies will be back in numbers. Hopefully with some Threadies following.


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