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NPD 3rd Oct 08


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Thought the bass might be lonely with Dino due to go away, so Faulked, Chubstar and I tried to keep them company this afternoon.

I started at 3.00pm walking the banks up at Forgans, but got nothing but exercise for my troubles so when the two J's showed up we headed off to McGavins.

The wind was gusting and made casting into it difficult, fortunatly at McGavins we were mostly casting with it.

Not long after we got there (just enough time for a number of lures to be donated to the depths), Chubs hooked up on a purplish spinnerbait out deep and after a fun fight a healthy bass hit the bank. No measure was taken but it was approx 35cm and shot off like a flash after smiling for the camera.

Confident now that there were fish in the area, all 3 of us pounded the area with spinnerbaits, but the next fish didn't show for another hour or so.

It probably mistook my Cordell RatlinSpot Crank Bait for a boney bream (?) and gave me some stick all the way to the shore.

On the measure it went 46cm and was my first fish at NPD for the last 3 sessions.

[img size=448]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/NPD_3rd_Oct_08_003.jpg

Half an hour later and a change of lure and I've got another on the mat.

This one was blind in one eye and took a Team Diawa Lipless Crank.

Perhaps the loud rattle in this lure helped get his one-eyed attention?

Darkness dropped all too quickly and we made our way back to the cars lighter a few lures, but with copious amounts of abandoned heavy mono that our lures picked up close to shore.

There really is a lot of rubbish littering the shore and old snagged rigs in the shallows, such a shame people can't just take their rubbish with them.

Thanks to the two J's for their company, we should do it more often;)


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yeh mate, they are few and far between atm.

That winter fishing in the thick schools really spoils you:P .

Still, I'm happy with two good bass for an afternoon's casting.

It's really not that long ago that I'd never caught a bass landbased on lures!

Getting the odd donut is a bit of a reality check and makes you appreciate the fish you do getB) .

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Was a great afternoon. I lost way to many Spinner baits, but was very happy to catch at least 1 Bass. Actually come to think of it, that was my first ever fish on Spinnerbait.:woohoo:

[img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/03102008099_AFO.jpg

As Rocket said, Theres way to much rubbish and old fishing line littering the banks and shallows. Bloody disgusting, the people that keep doing this need a punch in the throat.

Well done to Rocket for breaking his Doughnut spree, he was a happy man:woohoo: . The smile in his pic says it all;)

Bad luck Jase:( , Maybe next time;)



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I don't get it either, guys. I mean how easy is it to pick up your own mess? At McGavin's there's mono, beer bottles and what have you and no matter how much of the rubbish you pick up, it's worse on your next visit.

Great fun you seem to have had, J/J/R.


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Well done to you all for just being there and catching some fish is a real bonus. Never got to go away as the mate was to crook. The area you fished has lots of hidden ledges under the water, the bait fishos loose their rigs here and it starts a domino effect, last year I picked up bunches of line,hooks and sinkers with up to $2oo dollars worth of lures attached. Slider grubs with a weedless jighead hopped along the bottom should save some lures.

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