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Nice Cod there Mate!


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Mick a dude at work, Caught this monster Cod the other day. As you can imagine he's over the moon. Caught on a Butterflyed Bait that was still kicking. He was Useing A TLD25 with 80lb Braid.

[img size=374]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/micks_Cod_AFO.jpg

Mick wrote this in his email to me,

"Hour and 40 minutes to get in the boat and a painful 2 hours to get back to the bottom alive roughly around 35-40kg. ( Hell yer what fight, I would have to say it would be one of my best fish yet apart from the cobia two years ago )

Also caught a coral trout at 60cm ( yum yum ) and about 40 under size reticulated emperor ( red throat emperor ) and a sh!t load of iodine bream ( too many too remember ). What a day, best one in awhile all in the space of 4-5 hours, Had the time of my life"

He didn't know I was going to post it:P :laugh:

Mick is the same dude I posted about a little while ago, that hooked up to a Marlin while winding up a Snapper.

If you get to read this mick(he's talking about joining the site) then WELL DONE:woohoo:



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saltshaker wrote:

well don on releasing it mate...

To be honest, he was just as rapt that it swam away (after 2 hours of trying everything that he could) as what he was on catching it.

He told me that his bait wouldn't have been on the bottom for longer than 40 seconds, then Bang his drag was locked but it pulled line like it was nothing. He played the fish for an hour before he was absolutely stuffed. He put the rod in the holder and every time the boat rocked he wound the handle and took up the slack:blink: :laugh: He showed me all the bruises on his gut from the rod digging in while fighting the fish. I think I'll have to keep my eye out for a cheap gimball belt for him;)


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