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Kayak tie down straps?


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Well Romeo and I bought both the little Vikings that we were eyeing off second hand. I'll probably pick my Nemo up on the weekend.

I'm just wondering what do people use to tie down their kayaks / canoes etc? I'm proven to be lousy at tieing knots in rope:blush: so I'm looking for something simple. I have some seriously heavy duty racket style ties that I use on the old man's canoe, but they are a pain as if they undone too much, you have to delicately rethread the webbing which can take a while...

So far online I have found:

Roscoe tie downs - $15 a pair - http://www.roscocanoes.com.au/accessorydescription.aspx?Sec_ID=287&fulID=336#1

Rhino tie downs - $16 - http://www.ausseakayak.com.au/index.php?mod=Shop&file=Product&cat=63&pid=48

SPT Lockable tie downs - $89.95 ($80 from Anaconda) - http://www.kayakwarehouse.com.au/default.asp?l1=accessories&cat=23&id=82

I don't really want to fork for the lockables but they look sweet:P I could pick a pair of the Roscoe ones up on Saturday, but the Rhino ones looks better quality. Does BCF have anything decent?

I would like to hear from anyone who have used the Roscoe or Rhino products, or whatever other solutions works!


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I have a pair of the lockable ones but to be honest they are not that secure, I have found mine coming loose quite a bit. Saying that though I use the standard tie downs (make sure the locking fitting has good teeth to grip) and if I want to lock the yak on the roof then I just add the lockable fellas for piece of mind.


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werewolf wrote:

Which one are you referring to Terry?

ps - it'll be going on top of the rack on my box trailer, but same concept

I thought all three of those were the same, except that the third has a bit of wire running through them and a lock so you can lock it down.

All the same, with the exception of brand.

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