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Boating registration rises 20/10/08


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If your boat is over 4.5m long and the rego is due soon check aqnd see if it is cheaper to derigester and register it before 20/10 fees for craft over 4.5m rise significantly.



Length General Pensioners / Senior Card Holders

Old Fee New Fee Old Fee New fee

Up to and including 4.5 m A$68.90 A$81.50 A$42.55 A$48.80

4.51 m - 6 m A$108.50 A$161.30 A$62.35 A$88.70

6.01 m - 10 m A$148.15 A$268.05 A$82.15 A$142.10

10.01 m - 15 m A$174.50 A$393.85 A$95.35 A$205.00

15.01 m - 20 m A$214.05 A$488.30 A$115.10 A$252.20

20.01 m and over A$267.00 A$614.50

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