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hey there!


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hey there all. my name is eugene (eug) and i'm 22 and just finished my university degree, about to jump back into the uni life with a phd and i've decided to take up fishing to relax a bit and get away from it all (missus included :P).

i live in indooroopilly and my old man used to take me fishing. fishing the south east used to be so much better (and easier), however over the years i've not kept up to date with things and fallen behind - so pretty keen to get back into it and learn/research more spots around the south east.


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Angus:Thanks for the warm welcome, I have been checking out the reports. Been over to Windemere, Jindalee and Newstead Park lately with not much success.

Jindalee = 1 small catty

Newstead Park = 3 small breams

No luck at Windemere.

Also went to William Gun Jetty one night, about 15 small bream and got busted off by a 30cm one.

I know there are fish there, just haven't had much luck with landbased locations and tides. Been fishing 2 hours either side of the high usually.

kriso: thanks mate, will keep up to date with the reports. now that the weather is warming up a little, hope i'll be able to contribute.

kreel: i was studying bachelor of biotechnology. start my phd in november, doing solar biofuel development.

Gad: yeah mate, i found it so surprising how easy it was to take back up. the technology is a little ahead of me at this stage, had never heard of people using braid and lures so commonly. i've never caught a fish on sp or hb nor the techniques to use them. i suppose it's just about gettin familiar with the area and the most appropriate plan of attack, i.e. bait, lures, etc. i can throw a cast net although i lost my 6' one and am now using a massive mono one which has no pockets.

cheers all

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